The International Cultural and Educational Project
“Dialogue of Centuries”

In the history of civilization, there are milestones, i.e. events, that dramatically change its destiny. In order to understand what has changed and which road the humanity has turned to, you need a distance, perhaps, of a hundred years. These events reach us through historical works, chronicles, and memories of contemporaries. However, nothing except literature and art can transfer better the spirit of time, its aspirations and desperation, mistakes and finds, images of the people who preceded us, and the life itself on this earth. 

The Project has been implemented since 2012


  • To increase public interest in literature and art, world classics, their role in cultural and spiritual search for addressing challenges of the past and present.
  • To link generations through history, traditional values, joint creative, cultural and educational activities.
  • To unite creative people and organizations for creating a general cultural environment.
  • To help the young to see that wars and violence are not ways out of difficult situations and do not address either local or global problems but aggravate them.


  • International creative workrooms;
  • International public and scientific readings;
  • Essay competition;
  • Work of the exhibition commission on the organization of the final exhibition;
  • A series of mobile exhibitions and cultural and educational events in museums and libraries;
  • Literary readings.

Basing on creative forces and initiative of partners in regions, the Project covers the wide audience in the CIS and other countries.

The Project is open for proposals and initiatives. If you are interested in this topic, you support the Project’s objectives and want to collaborate with us, please contact Natalya Alekseevna Svyatkina, the Project coordinator, by phone +375 29 667 57 80+375 17 210 00 62 or e-mail