Educational tourism in areas with the nature reserves
of Poland and Belarus

The Project is implemented within the Cross-border Cooperation Programme
Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2014-2020

Implementing period: 12 month (2020)

Lead beneficiary:

  • Green Cross Belarus


  • State Nature Protective Scientific-Research Institution “Polesie State Radiation-Ecological Reserve” (Belarus);
  • Republican Biological Reserve "Dnepro-Sozhsky" (Belarus);
  • Podlasie Heritage Association (Poland).

Overall objective:

To exchange experience and consolidate efforts of actors in Belarus and Poland for promotion of cross-border educational tourism in regions with unique nature reserves.

Specific objectives:

  • Exchange of experience useful for the development of educational tourism in the regions having nature reserves in Belarus and Poland;
  • Establishment of cooperation between Belarus and Poland for a wide presentation of the nature and tourism potentials of the participating regions for the development of educational tourism;
  • Pilot presentation of educational tourism opportunities of the partner regions to the general public in Belarus and Poland.

Target groups:

  • nature reserves and their specialists in Belarus and Poland;
  • actors of education and tourism;
  • tourists, local schools and population.

Expected results:

  • Sustainable relations and contacts for the exchange of experience in the organization and promotion of educational tourism in areas with the nature reserves, which will be established during the holding of study tours for specialists.
  • Three educational routes through the nature reserve areas in Belarus and Poland, designed as methodological brochures and guides:
    • Study route on Polesie State Radiation-Ecological Reserve (by car, at least 100 km) will be designed for students, tutors and scientists (Belarus, Brahin and Chojniki districts, Homel region).
    • Study route on Biological Reserve "Dnepro-Sozhsky" (on foot, 6 km) will be designed for pupils, families, students and tutors (Belarus, Lojeŭ district, Homel region).
    • Study route on the nature territory of Upper Narew Valley (on foot, 12 km) will be designed for pupils, families (Poland, Podlaskie voivodeship).
  • Implementation of a strategy for promoting educational tourism in protected areas as a means of popularisation and preserving them. Among the activities:
    • Wild Nature Fest and presentation of the project partners' touristic potencial;
    • pilot classes for schoolchildren on the nature territory of Upper Narew Valley (Poland, Podlaskie voivodeship);
    • international plain-airs in Poland and Belarus;
    • four plain-air resulting exhibitions: Bialowezha and Suprasl in Poland;  Chojniki and Homel in Belarus;
    • info videos on the routs;
    • Polish-Belarusian section “Use of Specially Protected Natural Areas for Educational Purposes” within the annual international conference “Problems and Prospects for Development of Territories Affected by the Chernobyl Disaster at the Current Stage” (Chojniki , Belarus).


Programme of the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Use of Specially Protected Natural Areas for Educational Purposes: Modern Practice of Educational Tourism", October 14-15, 2021.