Rehabilitation and Educational Project “Mother and Child”

When wars end and disasters are eliminated,
health does not rehabilitate and
social consequences are not addressed instantly.

The Project has been held since 1999 within the framework of the Green Cross International Programme “Social and Medical Care” (SOCMED) aimed at rendering medical and social help to residents of regions suffered from wars and ecological disasters.

The objective of the Project: to improve health of the children and adults as well as the welfare of inhabitants of the Chernobyl zone through raising the educational level of parents and healthcare staff.

The geography of the Project: Bragin and Khoyniki districts of Gomel oblast, Stolin district of Brest oblast.

The Project is implemented following several directions:

Health.  Every year, in the area suffered from the Chernobyl accident, comprehensive medical examinations of children and adults are conducted, and recreation in camps and health resort camps in unpolluted regions is organized.

Education. Workshops on a wide range of issues (economic, legal, social and other) are held which provide necessary knowledge on organizing a decent life for themselves and their families.

Culture and traditions. Events are organized which contribute to uniting people, conserving and reviving traditions and developing creative potential of participants of unions.