Project EU/UNDP
Support to Local Development in the Republic of Belarus”

Incubator of Initiatives Cooperation for the Sustainable Development of Bragin district

Partners of the Initiative: Bragin district executive committee, Iolcha village council, State Establishment of Culture “Bragin Historical Museum with Art Gallery”, Bragin Department of Belarusian Republican Youth Union (BRYU) and district newspaper “Mayak Polesya”.

Tasks of the Initiative: to develop and strengthen communication and cooperation between the main active forces of the district for the development at local and regional levels.

Within the framework of the initiative, it is planned to unite active forces of the district on a complementary basis, develop their interaction skills, and bind them with authorities, useful institutions of the district, oblast and country. In the long term, a platform will be created for the development of initiatives in the region as well as a regional network for the cooperation of all active forces. 

Within the framework of the initiative’s activities, the district’sactivists will present their projects and get acquainted with others regarding the development of settlements and certain spheres of the the district’s life, will be able to develop their capabilities and capacity in the field of communication and teamwork. A steering team will be organized which will bring together the main performers of the initiative. 

Five mini-initiatives being implemented within the framework of the “Incubator for Cooperation”:

  • “Museum Theatre is a cultural initiative aimed at the revival of the theater life in the town and drawing attention to the museum as a cultural and educational centre of the town and district.
  • “Music in Bragin” is an initiative aimed at conserving and promoting song traditions of the district.
  • Bragin Flavour is a culinary initiative. Its mission is to learn and preserve traditional recipes and unique dishes of Polesye, and also make them a tourist highlight of the district.
  • “Experimental Plot for Growing Garden Raspberry» is a social and economic initiative aimed at drawing the population’s attention to berry growing as a promising economic activity.
  • A Tourist Object of Mikulichi is an initiative aimed at transforming Mikulichi villagein an attractive and convenient place for tourists.

The local population is implementing all the mini-initiatives with the assistance of Green Cross Belarus.

 From survival and rivalry to productive life and cooperation!