The First Scientific and Research Field Seminar Held in Bragin District
18 August 2016

On August 11-12, 2016, researchers, specialists in local history and residents of Bragin district gathered for the first time in many years to discuss the history of the district, and to remember how Bragin and other villages and towns looked like 30-50 years ago and even earlier.

The Young for the Green Future
05 August 2016

In July, 2016, 6 teenagers from Bragin district (one of the most contaminated areas after the Chernobyl disaster) got an opportunity to have a rest and enrich their knowledge at the International Camp in Switzerland thanks to their skills and work at the Green Cross Belarus.

Summer Programmes “Ethno-Eco-School 2016”
13 July 2016

Traditionally, the annual summer programme “Ethno-Eco-School 2016” was held at the end of June-beginning of July at the Green Cross Belarus NGO educational centre. The programme helped 50 children from Zhodino, Minsk and Mozyr to acquire new knowledge, generate new ideas and develop their talents.

Green Economy: Seminar on Organic Farming Issues
17 June 2016

On June 16, 2016, three organization’s employees, Elena Popova, Yuliya Zhukovskaya, Vitold Zenkovich, took part into the seminar on organic farming held in Krevo village, Smorgon district.

“Bragin Fair”: Discussion of Results
14 June 2016

June 5-7, almost in a month after the holiday “Bragin Fair” , representatives of Bragin district’s family clubs, Natalya Svyatkina, the project manager, experts, volunteers and representatives of local authorities gathered near Smolevichi to discuss results of the holiday event.