The Jury Board of the 7th International Cartoon and Film-Strip Contest


The jury of the 7th International Cartoon and Film-Strip Contest is to be held on February 2-3, 2021 at the Green Cross Belarus Educational Centre. Professional artists-cartoonists, teachers and art critics from Belarus compose the jury board.

Elena TUROVA, Chairman of the Jury (Minsk, Belarus)
Director, animator, script writer, the member of the Union of Cinematographers


Andrey VASILIEV (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
Director, animator, winner of international competitions

Anton VVEDENSKY (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
Film critic. Author of the lectures on the history of foreign cinema. Tutor of the Saint Petersburg State University.
Dmitry SOLODKY (Minsk, Belarus)
Art critic, culture scientist, teacher. Senior Researcher of the Department of Contemporary Belarusian Art of the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus
Olga SVIRIDOVA (Minsk, Belarus)
Cinema researcher, tutor, director
Valentina OVSYANNIKOVA (Polyarnye Zori, Russia)
Artist, photographer, animator. Master of Art History. Teacher of art disciplines and animation at the "Children's Art School of Polyarnye Zori"

Psychologist, consultant for working with teenagers and their families

Semen SHEVTSOV (Minsk, Belarus)
Photographer, teacher