Loev getting ready for Watermelon Day

On the last Saturday of August, Loev will receive guests at the holiday “Day of Watermelon and His Friends”. Loev District Executive Committee will support this holiday and it will bring together participants of the “Watermelon and His Friends” initiative, as well as everyone who is interested in this topic.

During the holiday, guests can not only taste watermelons grown by experimental teams, but also see creative performances, participate in dance, song and pottery workshops, “watermelon” contests, excursions and other interesting events, as well as purchase products from ceramists and other masters

A wonderful family of Sergey and Anastasia Dobrovolsky will present their pottery at the festival. Having moved several years ago from the city to the village of Kazimirovka, which is located near Loev, they opened the creative workshop “Alive”, where they create very beautiful dishes and clay souvenirs.

One of the guests of our holiday will be the artist Anna Albertovna Vygonnaya. Thanks to this woman, the battleship was revived in  Bragin and Loev district, and it was she who became the author of the idea to draw a river station on the wall of the Dnieper embankment in Loev, near the building of the Loev central district library. And the idea arose as a continuation of the Dnieper Ferry project. The outlines of the river port have already begun to appear on the wall of the Loev embankment. The teacher of the Nesvizh College named after Y. Kolas Igor Shikula with his students Gleb from Nesvizh and Viorika from Kopyl. Anna Albertovna leads the process. During the holiday “Day of Watermelon and His Friends”, she and the children will finish painting the wall, and any guest of Loev will be able to take a picture on her background.

In preparation for the holiday, the local choreographer Elena Leonidovna Ivakhnenko, at a dance floor in a city park, conducts dance classes for members of the “Loya Heirs” family club, as well as for everyone. The Loev residents study the dance culture traditional for this area and master the choreographic heritage of the peoples of the world: Krakowyak, Polka-butterfly, Bazaar, Saturday, Narechenka, padespan, month, karapet, waltz, box, lyavonyha - all these dances the Loev residents are now learning and will be able to dance during the holiday "Day of Watermelon and his friends."

At the end of June, photographer of the project Semyon Shevtsov visited  Loev district to capture how preparations for the holiday are going.


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