The Jury Board of the 2nd International Photography Contest


The jury of the 2nd International Photography Contest will be held in a mixed format. The remote jury will submit their decision by the in-person jury viewing, which will take place February 7, 2024 at the Green Cross Belarus educational centre. The jury consists of professional photographers, journalists, artists and art critics from Belarus, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Switzerland.

In-person jury:

Semen SHEVTSOV, Chairman of the Jury (Minsk, Belarus)
Photographer, teacher
Dmitri LITVINSKI (Minsk, Belarus)
Valentina OVSYANNIKOVA (Polyarnye Zori, Russia)
Artist, photographer, animator. Master of Art History. Teacher of art disciplines and animation at the "Children's Art School of Polyarnye Zori"
Yulia KURSKAYA (St.Petersburg, Russia)
photographer, author of "Photo F.A.Q.T." channal
Yulia GEISIK (Minsk, Belarus)
photographer, tutor, teacher of «Dzikie Zlaki» studio

Remote jury:

Yersin TAKIRBASOV (Kazakhstan)
Honoured Educator, Member of the Union of Journalists, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Bilge SAHITURK (Turkey)

Božidar VITAS (Serbia)
photographer, AFIAP, member of Photo Association of Serbia, Candidate Master of Photography, President of the Photo Association of Serbia Council
Nikolai LOKOTKOV (Russia)
painter, graphic artist, teacher, journalist, publisher, member of the Union of Artists of Russia
Beat SCHWEIZER (Switzerland)
Patrik ZSOBRAK (Hungary)