The International Conference of the Art Project “In My Homeland”


The Conference is to be held at the Green Cross Belarus Educational Centre on February 1-3, 2020, immediately after the jury of the International Contests of the project “In My Homeland” completes its work..

We invite teachers and lecturers of fine arts, managers of art educational establishments, heads and teachers of children's animation studios, art critics, publishers, and all other stakeholders, to participate in the Conference.

The Conference’s tasks:

  • to discuss pressing issues of art education;
  • to provide a platform for sharing experiences among practicing teachers;
  • to establish cooperation between art educational establishments and teachers.

    This year, the conference of Artists-Teachers “In My Homeland” is completely changing its format and will include 2 blocks.

    Art block (February 1-2)

    The work of a public platform for discussing issues that arise annually during the work of the international jury of the painting and graphics art contest “In My Homeland”. The questions are concerned the way the representatives of different art schools evaluate the competitive artworks.

    See the video about the way the jury evaluated the artworks in 2019 (in Russian)

    During the conference 2020, an attempt will be made to identify common ground and to see better the difference in approaches to children's works appreciation by analyzing several exhibitions, formed by invited experts from among the best, in their opinion, 2020 competitive artworks.

    There are two groups of experts, who will take part in the preparation and holding of the conference:

    1. Five representatives of different countries from among the organizers and members of international contests will conduct personal selection of the most interesting works (4-6 works from each age group). As a result, five experts will form five mini-exhibitions of 35-40 works each to present them during the Conference. If different experts select the same artwork, this very artwork will be duplicated and presented as a copy.

    2. Three art critics will independently view the exhibitions, prepare their comments on each of them and present them as a report at the Conference. Then there will be public discussion of the reports.

    Actual information on the composition of the jury, on experts and art critics will be posted on the websites of the project and the Green Cross Belarus.

    Animation block (February 3)

    View the works of the winners of the animation contest with subsequent discussion.

    Presentation of the joint project of the Children's Art School in Polyarnye Zori (Russia) and the International art project “In My Homeland” - a training session on animation as part of the art festival “Zori”.

    Fill in the application form for participation in the animation part of the Conference (February 3)

    You can ask questions about the conference by calling +375 29 667 57 80 (Natalya Alekseevna) and +375 29 627 79 23 (Julia Ruslanovna) or send to e-mail


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