Green Cross Belarus

GCB is an ecological NGO with the following objectives

  • to promote ecological approach in all spheres of human activity for the sake of preserving life on the planet and harmonious development of civilization;

  • to encourage co-operation between government institutions and public, specialists and talented youth in joint initiatives to solve concrete problems of ecology, science, education, culture and health care;

  • to raise the education and culture level of children and adults;

  • to form ecological awareness of the society in all spheres of human activity;

  • to develop international co-operation in ecology, science, education, health care and upbringing of a new generation to eliminate the causes and aftereffects of the global and local ecological crises.

On the voluntary basis GCB integrates scientists, teachers, doctors, engineers, artists, intellectuals, students and other concerned individuals around Belarus.

GCB started its history in 1989 as a public group ‘Doctors For Children’ which was transformed into ‘New Technologies Foundation’ in 1995 and became ‘Green Cross Belarus’ in 1999.

GCB has the HQ in Minsk and affiliated offices in Gomel and Grodno.

In 2005 GCB was awarded by Russian Duma and Academy of Sciences of Russia with the National Premium ‘Eco-world -2005’ in nomination of ‘Ecology and Health’.

In 2008 GCB was awarded with Grand-Prix of Russian National Premium `Eco-World 2008` for the best international project.