Conditions of the 4th International Cartoon and Film-Strip Contest


The Green Cross Belarus Non-governmental Organization
The State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education Moscow Institute of Open Education (SAEI HE MIOE) “Centre for Continuous Art Education”
With the information support of the Union of Teachers-Artists
within the framework of the project «In my homeland”


the 4th International Cartoon and Film-Strip Contest

New time brings new opportunities. Digital photos and computers facilitated greatly the hard work on filming cartoons and slidefilms and opened a page of animated cartoons made at school and home. Currently, there is a unique niche for little and young artists and their teachers to express their creative ideas in a form of a cartoon and a slidefilm.


"In my Homeland" - the traditional free theme of the competition.
The most interesting works are usually those that are associated with personal impressions, experiences and events. Try to take a closer glance at the world around you and reflect in the works the moments, which does not leave you indifferent. It may be something unusual or, on the contrary, familiar to everyone. After all, re-discovering the usual things is also the task of Our Maker.

The screen version of literary works - the winners of the 1st literary contest "In my Homeland":

"Her Majesty the Reality!"
"Crocodile in the shop"
"On the planet "Kakvse"(As everybody)
"Once upon a time there was a bird"
"New Year's Cats"
"The Bee's Tale"
"Black cats"
"My Rakov"
"Life lesson"
"Lucky you"

"Appreciate and respect the creativity of others"
"Chameleon Hide and the king - blue-tongued skink"

See the texts in russian on the Green Cross Belarus site

See the texts in russian on the site of the project "In My Homeland"

Children and adults especially for children’s cartoons and filmstrips have written these texts. We hope that they inspire you to create bright, informative and unordinary works.

Each topic is a separate category. The jury will estimate the work separately for each of them.

The topic of a work submitted to the Contest must be indicated when filling in the registration form.

Conditions of participation in the Contest of Animated Cartoons:

1/ A work has to be made following the technology of stop-motion with the use of any materials. Works made using computer graphics are not to be considered.

2/ Duration of a work doesn’t have to exceed 5 minutes.

3/ Technical requirements for a work: a resolution of at least 720x576 for the frame size of 4:3 or 1280х720 for the frame size of 16:9; a recommended codec is H.264.

Conditions of participation in the Contest of Slidefilms:

1/ A work has to contain 15-64 frames and can be made using any technique (a picture, a collage, an applique work, dolls, etc.) and materials. Works made using computer graphics are not to be considered.

2/ The works have to be saved in a digital form; a resolution of at least 1600х1200 for the frame size of 4:3 or 1920х1080 for the frame size of 16:19.

3/ The works have to be provided in the form of numbered images in JPEG format or a single file in PDF format (prefered).

4/ The text is placed in a separate area under each picture.

General conditions:

1/ Who can participate:

  • Creative teams of art schools, schools of arts, colleges of arts, art studios;
  • Family creative groups;
  • Separate participants made the whole work by themselves.

Young people, aged 5-18, have to be creators of the works.

2/ The work has to be completed in the year of holding the Contest.

3/ The work has to contain credits which indicate the name, author (-s), used materials indicating the author and the name (music, film fragments, pictures, drawings, etc.), place and year of the production.

4/ The works in foreign languages have to have subtitles in Russian, Belarusian or English.

5/ The work has to be submitted:

Option 1: via special free file-sharing services (e.g.,,, ). The link is to be indicated in the registration form.

Option 2: on DVD or CD media which the registration form has to be attached to and submitted to the following address:

Non-governmental Organization “Green Cross Belarus”
Contest “In My Homeland”
222201, Smolevichi,
The Republic of Belarus

(+375 17) 555 52 40

(Provided postal address is complete. The works are picked up directly from the post office by the organizers)

We ask all the participants to use the services of REGULAR or EMS post. DO NOT INDICATE the value (price) of the goods on parcels.



The jury board will include artists, artists-teachers, animation artists and other animation experts.

The jury will consider the works submitted for the Contest in February 2019 and determine prize and diploma winners in various categories. Works of prize winners will be shown during the work of the International Conference of Artists-Teachers in Minsk and at the opening ceremony of the exhibition “In My Homeland” which is to be held in April 2019. Moreover, they will be available in the electronic gallery of art and animation works on the official website of the Contest “In My Homeland” (

The Organizers retain the right to reproduce the submitted works in order to promote and develop the Contest and to use in methodical activities without the author's consent.


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