45th The International Fine Arts Competition for Children and Youth "My Adventure in the Museum" (Torun, Poland)

District Museum in Toruń invites children and teenagers at the age of 5-18 to take part in the 45th The International Fine Arts Competition for Children and Youth "My Adventure in the Museum".

The term of work submitting June 21, 2024.

Project participants should learn about the collections of a specific museum or gallery. Perform one or more works in the field of visual arts related thematically to a selected exhibit or a group of exhibits, reflect the mood and atmosphere accompanying the exposition of the exhibition, or the specificity of the institution's activities. Therefore, the Project participant should make a choice, which from the Project implementation area made the greatest impression on him and present it in his artistic vision.

The area of the Project implementation may be: museums of art, historical, archaeological, ethnographic, natural, techniques, crafts, biographies and other, as well as open-air museums and art galleries, as well as museum exhibitions presented in a museum space other than the museum's exhibition. Martyrological museums are excluded from the Project implementation area. Participants can carry out artistic projects as part of school activities or classes at institutions and cultural centres.

The technique of performed works, including spatial forms and multimedia (computer graphics, film) is optional, however the subject of the work should be inspired by a visit to the institution mentioned above as the area of the Project implementation.

Accepted works:

  • works on a flat surface (painting, graphics, drawing, etc.) with a format not smaller than A4 and not greater than A1 (works done on the surface should not be bound or backed)
  • spatial forms with a dimension not exceeding 50x50 cm.
  • computer graphics - a printout with a format not smaller than A4 and not greater than A1
  • multimedia - CD / DVD (movies up to 3 minutes, recorded in MP-4 format)

Museums, schools, institutions and cultural centres establish organizational forms and the scope of dissemination and course of the Project in their area. It is allowed to send individual works. The organizer reserves the right to pre-qualify the work for the Final of the Project.

Works should be sent by 21 June 2024 to the following address:

The final review of the works submitted as part of the Project will take place in July 2024. Specialists in the field of art, museology and pedagogy (Jury) will select about 150 most interesting works that will be presented in the District Museum in Torun.

The awarded students and their guardians will be invited to the Gala summarizing the Project (13 September 2024) combined with the award ceremony and the vernissage of the exhibition. 

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