Open Day in Slobodka: minigolf tournament and workshops

On 6 August 2022, the District Mini-Golf Tournament and Open Day in Slobodka was held at the Slobodka School Garden. Before the tournament, the mini-golf training centre's experts, led by Vladimir Kindel, gave a short introduction to the tournament's participants, after which 9 teams began their competition. As a result the prizes in the team event were won by pupils from Slobodka, Druya, and Vidzy, and in the individual event by pupils from Vidzy, Druya, and Braslav town school no. 2.
At the same time as the tournament, spectators and guests were able to take part in games, "Happy Starts", master classes in salt drawing and amulet making , an educational tour around the educational and experimental plot and the village of Slobodka. Everyone had a chance to taste apple pie in the "Pantry of Dwarfs", have lunch in the school canteen, buy honey, vegetables, fruit, dried mushrooms, fish and souvenirs, which were offered by partners in the School Garden project and the Slobodka school team.