Admission of works for International Contests “In My Homeland” is started

Dear participants! We are pleased to inform you that we are already accept the works at the 19th International Art and Graphics Contest, 9th International Cartoon and Film-Strip Contest and 2d International Contest of Photography. We are very pleased that all this time you remain with us and support contest with your wonderful artworks, fresh ideas and kind words! We we are waiting for your works and remind you about some of the organizational aspects.

The admission of works for the Art and Graphics Contest lasts until December 31, 2023 (according to post stamp).

See the terms of Art and Graphics Contest

The admission of works for the Cartoon and Film-Strip Contest lasts until January 15, 2024.

See the terms of Cartoon and Film-Strip Contest

The admission of works for the Photography Contest lasts until January 15, 2024.

We ask you to send works for the Art Contest with regular or EMS post or any other delivery service. On the parcels DO NOT indicate the value (price) of the goods. We do not go through customs clearing with the works arriving at the Contest, therefore those parcels, which are wrongly formalized will not be admitted to the Contest.


NGO “Green Cross Belarus”
Contest “In My Homeland”
222 201, Smolevichy, Minsk region, Belarus

(Provided postal address is complete. The works are picked up directly from the post office.)

Contest results will be presented on February 2024 by international jury board, which will consists of artists, animators, photographers and teachers from Belarus, Russia and other countries.

The winning works will enter the exposition of the final exhibition of the Contest that will open on April 2024 in GCB educational centre. It also will be represented on contest’s and GCB web-sites.

To keep you informed about all the events of the contest, you can subscribe to the e-newsletter of the "In My Homeland" project (you need to send a request to the address with the name of the recipient, as well as an educational institution, if the recipient is an artist and teacher).

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