In My Homeland: the juries of three contests reviewed works of young artists, cartoonists and photographers

The most important week of the International Art Project "In My Homeland" has come to an end. From 5 to 8 February 2024, the jury members of the three contests - the 19th International Painting and Graphics Contest, the 9th International Cartoon and Strip-film Contest and the 2nd International Photography Contest - reviewed the submitted works and made their decision.

As usual, the choice was not easy. The 19th International Painting and Graphics Contest received 6,438 works from 15 countries: Argentina, Belarus, Bulgaria, China, Hungary, Germany, India, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, Uzbekistan. Professional artists, teachers, art critics from Belarus and Russia selected the best from the motley carpet of children's drawings, discussed the results of their work with colleagues who observed the process, and shared their personal views on children's creativity. The review of impressions and the results of the discussions will soon be posted on the GCB website and social networks.  
A total of 164 cartoons and 2 diafilms created by children from 3 countries - Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan - were submitted to the 9th International Cartoon and Strip-film Contest. After a strict preliminary selection 89 cartoons and 1 strip-film were presented to the judgement of professional animators, directors, film experts and teachers in the final show. The jury members noted a greater diversity in the choice of themes and subjects compared to the previous year.

The second edition of the International Photography Contest attracted 816 entries from 25 countries - Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, the United States, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, and the Vatican. After a rigorous selection process, 432 works were presented to professional photographers and art researchers from Belarus, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey and Hungary, who worked both face-to-face and remotely. The jury members decided the winners in two themes - "Rural Motifs" and "Circle... Touch... Red..." In the second theme, the best works were also determined in 6 categories: graphics, landscape, portrait, still life, street photo, macrophotography.

All the results of the competitions, as well as the best works will be published on the official website of the project "In My Homeland" and in the project section of the organisation's website in April 2024.
In spring, an exhibition of drawings will be organised and the winners of the competitions will be awarded.

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