The Jury Board of the 17th International Art and Graphics Contest "In My Homeland"


This year the work of the jury of the 17th International Art and Graphics Contest "In My Homeland" will consist of two parts: face-to-face and distance. Juries from Belarus and Russia will meet at the Belarusian Green Cross Educational Center from 1 to 3 February 2022. Then, from February 15 to March 1, will work a remote international jury, which includes experts from Ukraine, Bulgaria, China, Poland, Lithuania, Romania and Slovenia.


Anna VYGONNAYA, Chairman of the Jury (Minsk)
Restoration artist, member of the Belarusian Union of Artists

Elena AHRAMOVICH (Minsk)
Teacher of special disciplines of the State educational institution “Grammar School-College n.a. I.V. Akhremchik”. Teacher of the highest qualification category

Pavel DIMITRIADI (Mogilev)
Teacher at the Educational Institution "Mogilev Children's School of Visual Arts"

Dmitry PUHOVSKY (Mogilev)
Artist, teacher

Antonina FALEY (Vitebsk) 
Docent of the Department of Design and Fashion of the Educational Institution "Vitebsk State Technological University"
Tamara SHATSILA (Minsk)
Artist, teacher


Teacher of the highest qualification category, Candidate of Art History. Works at the Children's Art School No.1 named after Sanin
Darya KLOCHKOVA (Gatchina)
Artist, designer, animator, teacher of special disciplines
Marina SYCHEVA (Moscow)
Employee of the children's art gallery "Izopark" and the exposition and exhibition department of the "Associations of cultural centers of the south-western administrative district of Moscow", coordinator of the international children's exhibition-competition
Yulia BOGDANOVA (Vitebsk)
Teacher of the Department of Visual Arts at the Vitebsk State University named after P.M. Masherov.

Jury Assistant:

Alexandra ADAMOVICH (Minsk)
2nd year student of the Belarusian State Academy of Arts