February 1 in the Educational Center of the Belarusian Green Cross the contest jury were evaluating the entries. The jury included the professional artists, educators, animators, directors, editors and journalists from Belarus and Russia.

On August 11-12, 2016, researchers, specialists in local history and residents of Bragin district gathered for the first time in many years to discuss the history of the district, and to remember how Bragin and other villages and towns looked like 30-50 years ago and even earlier.

In July, 2016, 6 teenagers from Bragin district (one of the most contaminated areas after the Chernobyl disaster) got an opportunity to have a rest and enrich their knowledge at the International Camp in Switzerland thanks to their skills and work at the Green Cross Belarus.

On June 16, 2016, three organization’s employees, Elena Popova, Yuliya Zhukovskaya, Vitold Zenkovich, took part into the seminar on organic farming held in Krevo village, Smorgon district.

On June 5-8, 2016, an educational tour for activists from Bragin district was held in Smolevichi and Borisov districts. For four days, participants carried out conversations, meetings and classes on issues of economic, environmental, social and cultural development, information support, and identification of leadership skills, teamwork and development of project work skills.

June 5-7, almost in a month after the holiday “Bragin Fair” , representatives of Bragin district’s family clubs, Natalya Svyatkina, the project manager, experts, volunteers and representatives of local authorities gathered near Smolevichi to discuss results of the holiday event.

On May 6-9, life in Bragin was full of events. Members of family clubs, the manager, experts and volunteers of the project “Development of the Network Capacity of Family Clubs in Chernobyl Area in order to Improve Social and Economic Situation”, funded by the EU, held meetings, rehearsals and competitions, as well as the final preparations for the feast which took place on May 8-9.

On April 30, 2016, an educational garden was laid out at the Green Cross Belarus NGO Educational Centre.

On April 21-24, the manager, employers, experts and invited experts of the project “Development of the Network Capacity of Family Clubs in Chernobyl Area in order to Improve Social and Economic Situation” participated in the organization and implementation of the family clubs’ events dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl and also helped to prepare the district’s feast “Bragin Fair”.

On April 14, the opening ceremony of the final exhibition and the award ceremony of the 11th International Art and Graphics Contest “In My Homeland” were held at the gallery “Nature and Art”.