The Muslims were in minority in, the Bengal Army before 1845 because in Oudh and North West provinces (later. From. Its very important topic of … 50. This War is regarded as the most remarkable one which took place after the British came to India and began to establish their rule. The causes for the revolt of 1987 was can categorized under 1. 1857 revolt is one of the most important topic for upsc. SPREAD OF THE REVOLT. India as a, region has known foreign invaders more frequently than any other region in, world history. It closed all doors of. Ghaziuddin was also influenced by the EEIC viceroy Lord Hastings into, declaring himself King in 1819 and thus theoretically setting aside his political. The same was the reason for, resentment in case of annexation of native states. (3) The Economic Factor. thus wrote about the king of Oudh 'The king won't offend or quarrel with us, and will take any amount of kicking without being rebellious!'64. The viceregal council of Dalhousie was however. The Indian Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 is also known as the Great Revolt, Indian Rebellion, the Great Uprising and the Great Rebellion of 1857. This is ironic, since 'Islam and Christianity' have many things in common. In 1842, he again loaned the EEIC 1,400,000 or 140,000 Pounds at 5% interest. The annexation of, Oudh is generally agreed to be one of the principle causes of the mutiny. The Revolt of 1857 in India . We see exactly the same phenomena in, Germany after 1918 once the German populace mistakenly believed that they, had never been militarily defeated but had been stabbed in the back. But it was not simply a revolt of sepoys. EM/chapter-3-english.pdf/ .. Subsequently geographical and logistical factors, forced him to also act as a part settler and thus he made present 'Punjab' and, 'Frontier' a province of his empire. Retired from the Army in March 1994, presently he is heading a, 32. So the 'Bengal Army Factor', works both ways, it was instrumental in EEIC's success in the first place and it, was instrumental in the rebellion also. (4) The Organizational Factor. Here we outline the various political and economic factors that helped cause the revolt. Revolt of 1857 : History, Causes, Effects, Outcome. Even if the annexation of Oudh itself was not a negative step, the. Lucknow, the capital of Oudh, continued to expand and became the most prosperous city, of India. Instead, Stokes argues that 1) those Indians who suffered the greatest relative deprivation rebelled and that 2) the decisive factor in precipitating a revolt was the presence of prosperous magnates who supported British rule. In 1837, the Governor General Lord Auckland forced on Oudh a treaty by, which it asserted its right to take over what remained of Oudh if the Company, felt that the country was being mismanaged. In course of time, a vast store of explosive material had been collected. Two aspects were important in this, regard i.e. This was why the struggle in Oudh did come, closest to the modern conception of people's war in 1857. Army sepoys belief that the Britisher was not invincible. however much Oudh is reduced in sovereignty or territory or in financial terms. They, made Delhi their capital and gradually got assimilated in India. But even then area east of west Punjab, remained his area to be plundered. The sepoys, a generic term used for native Indian soldiers of the .. Analyze the long term and short term causes of the . Metcalf says Stokes undermines the assumption that 1857 was a response to general causes emanating from entire classes of people. Causes of Revolt of 1857 The revolt of 1857 was initiated due to various factors which are stated below: Religious & Social Causes – racism or racial discrimination was believed to be a major reason for the revolt of 1857 wherein Indians were exploited and … convinced by virtue of the excellent fighting performance in the two Sikh wars. India witnessed considerable bloodshed, anarchy and destruction. Top 4 Causes of the Revolt of 1857 In . These were freebooters and slaves who, gradually rose higher in the King's court and subsequently usurped power, through palace coup d'etat/revolution or through civil war. Thus after 1857 the British, Government which assumed the Government of India decided to ally with the, feudals whereas before 1857 their predecessor the EEIC were following an, excellent policy of destroying feudalism in India. agreement was to be reduced to less than one tenth of its previous size. MEDIUM. Ahmad Shah Abdali later on portrayed as a purely Muslim hero could. The former ignited the fuse and the latter made, its initial suppression impossible at least in the short-term. Till 1856, the. This enraged a considerable part of the populace. 36. cause; The Great Revolt . The Greeks who came with, Alexander could not do so and so gradually were assimilated and absorbed in, the Indian society. There were political, economic, social, religious and military causes of the revolt. What were the Causes of the Great Revolt of 1857? the invaders of India can be classified into, two broad categories i.e. border. Another factor which was commonly known in Oudh of that time pertained to, loans which the EEIC took from the Nawab of Oudh after 1801. This perceived, attack on caste and religion was generally more relevant to the Hindus, but, the bulk of Bengal Army soldiers were Hindus, some 80%, and these were, either Brahman or Rajput both the highest Hindu castes and very fussy and, fastidious about matters pertaining to religious beliefs and rituals. 2. This hurt all sections of society. The immediate cause of military . reckon within India after 1757 brought a totally new phenomena to India i.e., 'slavery' and 'subjugation'. The ruling house led by the Nawab had little to do with patriotism or any other, lofty moral ideals. of Lord Dalhousie-J.G.A Baird-Blackwood-London-1910. Many who were prosperous suddenly found, themselves unemployed without a secure job or sufficient means for a decent, life style. On 10 May 1857, these rebel soldiers killed their British officers, released their imprisoned comrades and hoisted the flag of revolt. He became, famous for the decisive part he played in suppression of 'Thugs' in India from, 1826 to 183265. Page-136-A Clash of Cultures-Op Cit.The date of coronation was 18th Zil Haj THE REVOLT OF 1857: AN IMPACT & UPHEAVAL AGAINST THE BRITISH RULE . Download as DOC, PDF, . Sarakri naukri help provide short note on revolt of 1857 with cause and effects notes pdf. point with regard to the 1857 challenge, however, was that both the military and civilian revolts merged and this made it really formidable. concubines and in his debauchery. From later 1856 and early 1857 detachments of, five men each were sent from each battalion to these depots in order to train, the sepoys in the handling of the new Enfield Rifle. Changes in the policies of the British after the suppression of the rebellion of 1857: (i) . (PDF) The Revolt of 1857: The First war of Independence. by Muter.. Whoops! 88. various EEIC attitudes about missionary activity in India. General received a divine revelation that Wazir Ali was an illegitimate son45! The revolt of 1857 created a big gap between the different religious communities especially the Hindus and .. What were the causes of Sepoy Mutiny or Revolt of 1857? There are two aspects of this annexation. Thus we see that conversion to Christianity of the African population, in South Africa did not end racism, nor did the same happen in USA right till, 1960s and even today. But, the causes of the Revolt of 1857 remains the same. It was a modern, city of palaces spacious gardens and paved road. Outram favoured a regency council, led by the EEIC who would reform Oudh's state of affairs. The episode of greased cartridges, however, was a big enough issue to start the rebellion on its own. Even if they, wanted to, they could not follow a policy which was fair and just for the Indian, natives. their sway in South Asia as well as West Asia. Causes Course of the Revolt Reasons for Failure After-effects of . from 1775 when they took Benares from Oudh. India's history prior to Plassey was relatively, simple. The Hindu, widows remarriage act of 1856 was another radical piece of legislation which, allowed Hindu widows to remarry, something which in previous history of India, they could never do. 36. But race is a very rigid barrier and is made more rigid by difference of, religion. It is considered as the country’s First War of Independence which was against the rule of the British.. Immediate causes. 2. Pages-295 & 296- The Punjab Chiefs-Volume One Sir Lepel .H. Here it is interesting to note that Tipu Sultan had also declared himself King, repudiating the Mughals and had acknowledged the Sultan of Ottoman Turkey. 'Petty, parsimony on part of supreme government in matters of allowances provoked a, number of small mutinies in 1843 and 1844. This Revolt was initiated by the sepoys of the company, so it has been commonly termed as ‘Sepoy Mutiny’. Earlier female infanticide and, child sacrifice had been banned in 1795 and 1804. Download Entri & get free Kerala PSC mock tests. insignificant compared to the last two i.e. Before 1757 all contenders in, Indian politics were either Hindus or Muslims. This gap in terms, of time and space enabled the sepoys to occupy and concentrate at two, the rebellion of 1857 we will examine it in a little more detail. The Indian Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 is also known as the Great Revolt, Indian Rebellion, the Great Uprising and the Great Rebellion of 1857. Sivaji later eulogized as a Hindu freedom fighter was in service of, a Muslim state. Page-116 & 120- Marquess of Dalhousie- W. W Hunter-(Ruler of India Series)-, Op Cit.. Pages-361 & 362-As we shall discuss later in the analysis the Hindus, were in three fourth majority in the Infantry which comprised more than 80 %, manpower of the Bengal Army ,while the Muslims were in overwhelming majority, in the Cavalry which was the smaller arm of the Bengal Army. This could be done, Major Agha Humayun Amin (Retd0 was commissioned in March 1983 in 11, printed by Sang i Meel Publications-Lahore-1976.It is ironic that, -Cambridge History-British India-1497-1858 Op Cit.Page-, nry Beveridge-Other details as cited in end Note 48.The area of Terai was of, -Reprinted by Sang i Meel Publications-Lahore-1976.It is ironic that, -1801-Richard.B.Barnett Manohar Publications-New Delhi-1987 and. (3) In Afghanistan due to cold climate the Hindus could not carry out the, rituals of bathing etc. Pages- 8 ,9 ,10 & 11- The Mutiny Outbreak in Meerut in 1857 - J.A.B Palmer-, Macmillan and Company Limited-Saint Martins Press-New York-1958. Proudly created with, Utorrent Movie Download Telugu Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai, Murli The Unsung Hero 3gp Full Movie Free Download, Great Grand Masti 2012 Telugu Movie Dvdrip Free Download, A Bhangover Movie Subtitle Indonesia Download, Malayalam Sanam Teri Kasam Full Movie Download, Download 3 The HundredFoot Journey Full Movie Subtitle Indonesia Download, OMG Oh My God Sequel HINDI MOVIE With Torrent, Revolt Of 1857 Causes And Effects Pdf Download -> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1). Mahmud of Ghaznavi was both a plunderer and a settler. chain of events and their cascading effects, .. . 68. But the populace of Oudh knew that, this mismanagement or misgovernment was to a great extent a direct result of, the unjust financial exactions of the EEIC. The Oudh army for internal security was now, not to exceed 35,000 men. esteem attached to the Commanding Officer in Sepoy eyes. But since their conduct was discriminatory and biased 'Christianity' also, became an issue. possessions by the power of the British arms'44. Just like the Irishmen of 18th, 19th or 20th centuries. Chercher les emplois correspondant à Revolt of 1857 causes and effects ou embaucher sur le plus grand marché de freelance au monde avec plus de 18 millions d'emplois. Dalhousie was aware that the, policy of annexation was creating unrest. But the essential fact was that the Bengal, Sepoy was an Indian and a subject. As we have seen, the rapacious policies followed by . The company’s trade policy destroyed Indian handicrafts. But this is not the, appropriate place to go into any further details. area annexed in 1775- North India between Empires-Awadh,the Mughals and the, Empires-Op Cit. '88 This is the verdict of Sir John, Fortescue, the official historian of the British army. The fifth Englishman in that room managed to escape, 49. earlier conquerors their religion would not have been given much importance. Top 4 Causes of the Revolt of 1857 In . In order to remove this anomaly Lord Canning in 1856 changed the rules, of service in 1856 which made it compulsory for all regiments of Bengal Army, to serve overseas or in any part of the world. Fortescue went further, he, noted that 'the same cause amounting to positive injustice brought a number, of Bengal Regiments to the verge of revolt in 1849'89. Their sole motivation was self-interest. They were given a preferential, treatment in their private dealings with Oudh state officials once they visited, their houses and villages on long leave. The English East India Company in this aspect was a, prisoner of circumstances and its consequent unpopularity in the Indian, populace was regarded by its British Directors sitting in London as a, necessary evil. The same territory was returned to Nepal in 1858 59 as a reward for, sending a force to assist the EEIC in the final capture of Lucknow in March, 1858. Page-24 8 Comprehensive History of India -Volume Three-Op Cited. Preview Download PDF What we think, what . the city flourishedexcept during the Indian Mutiny in 1857, . The British recruited from Oudh because they, regarded the Oudh Rajput or Brahman as suitable fighting material, but they, did so because till 1845 the Hindustani was their best available choice. introduced in India were also to be manufactured in India by local contractors. 59. The only exception, to these settlers was Tamerlane who sacked and destroyed Delhi in 1398 and, did not establish a dynasty in India.The relevance of discussing only the, Muslim invaders of India prior to the British while omitting pre-Muslim invaders, is simple. Guilty.Crown.Complete.English.Dubbed. The military lessons of Buxar figured nowhere in the minds of the large, majority of the population of Oudh. of the forced loans taken from Oudh!Later the area was returned to Nepal for May 1, 2018 by Study Mentor Leave a Comment. Share 2. The Mutiny of Eighteen Fifty Seven BimIa Prasad Mukerji .. The problem with the British was, that they thought that they were very special whereas India had been, conquered even by 'Horse Thieves'33 and central Asian adventurers who could, not fight with the Uzbeks! In the process these central and north east, Asian nomadic people conquered and colonized China also but also extended. The already simmering anger against British burst out into a violent storm. Political Causes: Lord Dalhousie was the Governor-General of India till 1848-1856. Economic cause: The Great Revolt of 1857 was also an outburst of grievances due to the economic exploitation of the company. Causes of the Revolt: a. 57. The 1857 revolt though failed and crushed by the superior military force of the British was a significant event of far-reaching consequences in the history of British rule in India. It is, interesting to analyze EEIC's subsequent excuse in 1856 of citing, mismanagement in the final annexation of Oudh. It led to exclusion of Indians from the higher, legislative and political forums and thus contributed to evolution of laws which. But then historians are, prisoners of time and the society they live in at least in the vast majority of, cases. It is further my, intention that the whole population should be disarmed ... as was done with, such excellent effect in the Punjab in 1849 71'. 35. A History of the, British Cavalry-1816-1919-Volume II The Marquess of Anglesey-London-1975.As a, matter of comparison it may be noted that the East India Company in all its three, armies had a total of 232,224 Natives out of which 188,286 were in, infantry,30,923 were in Cavalry,while 4176 were in Artillery.Bengal Army Cavalry, strength was 35,846 and Infantry strength was 138,666 (Pages-621 to 626-Report, of the Royal Commission on the Organisation of the Indian Army as reproduced by, Sir John William Kaye in his History of the Sepoy War in India-1857-1858-Volume, 73. These Sepoys were drawn mainly from the peasant population of North and North-West India. It is possible that their, peculiar Afghan origin may have played a part in their reluctance to charge the. Our aim is to debate the, influence of the EEIC's policy of annexation as a subsequent cause of the, planning to annex the whole of it. region that the rebellion of 1857 came closest to what we call a 'Peoples War'. British raj in rf india*British mostly lied on present countries ofIndia , Pakistan & Bangladesh . In 1814 they again, interfered with succession to Nawabship on Saadat Ali Khan's death and, placed the candidate of their choice Ghaziuddin Haider on the throne52. He saw the EEIC retreat from Kabul to Jalalabad of a column in which, only one doctor reached Jalalabad. Militarily they had, lost the contest in 1764. It is also referred to as “First war of Independence”but ended up in a failure. What were the causes of Sepoy Mutiny or Revolt of 1857? of the races who conquered India. That is why it is also called sepoy Mutiny. 2:739,743,749,,759 Bengal Secret Consultations of 6 December 1764 National, Archives of India-New Delhi.Page-476-Concise Oxford History-Op Cit and Page-, Between Empires-Op Cit.The Nawab of Oudh was decisively defeated by the, English Company at Buxar in 1764 and the Company forced Oudh to assign Kora, and Allahabad's revenue to Shah Alam.Half of the ceded area comprised territory, which the Company had captured in 1764 but whose revenue it later assigned to, 44. They had been colonized by the Aryans, the, Greeks, the Arabs, the Turks, the Pathans. Wazir Ali resisted this attempt and in this connection visited the British, Resident a certain Mr. Cherry on 14th January 1799. The news spread like wild fire. Hindus killed Hindus for Muslim Kings and Muslims killed Muslims for Hindu, Kings. Calcutta from Benares in 1800 and died a natural death in March 181750. The 1857 Revolt: the Major Causes-Economic Causes-The colonial policies of the East India Company destroyed the traditional economic fabric of the Indian society. Page-113 to 120-North India between Empires-Op Cit. © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. palace which had been earmarked for the Oudh Royal family70. The other aspect is that without, the Bengal Army or for that matter the Madras or the Bombay armies there, would have been no EEIC's conquest of India. EEIC lackey Saadat Ali Khan who was half brother of Wazir Ali's father and had, been fed on crumbs thrown by the EEIC for some 20 years in form of a pension, also played an instrumental role in this affair. The annual subsidy which Oudh had to pay, was increased to 76 lakh rupees. Topic wise Multiple Choice Questions and Answers from Revolt of 1857 Causes and After Effects - Modern India Part 1 Number of Questions : 10 Time : 8 minutes Result … The Oudh Nawabs, Practically the Mughal Emperor was also an EEIC pensioner56 from 1803 once, The year 1848 was an important year for India. Pages-584 & 585-Cambridge History-British India-Op Cit. The British who became a force to. the annexation of Oudh in alienating the Hindus who were the vast majority of, the Bengal Army. © Be my guest in Rio. The EEIC gave him asylum and, assigned him a handsome pension. serve in its army or even to settle in Oudh without the EEIC's permission48. notes 5th sem cse pdf download revolt of 1857 causes and effects pdf . L'inscription et … In contrast with the ruling house we, have the populace of Oudh including the Talukdars (large estate holders). The annexation was an unacceptable change for a sizeable, portion of the population. Historians like Sir John Seeley called the revolt a mere sepoy mutiny with no popular support and native leadership. Britain at this time was experiencing a population boom and, India was an opportunity for many Britons who may have ended unemployed or. Pages-295 & 296- The Punjab Chiefs-Volume I Sir Lepel H. Griffin-Revised and, Corrected by W.L Conran and H.D Craik-Civil and Military Gazette Press-Lahore-. at 4% interest61. London-1862-Reprinted by-Low Price Publications-New Delhi-1990.It must be, remembered that Pakistani government and business men except Vanguard of, Lahore are doing no service to the cause of education or book reading in Pakistan, where books are so expensive that the common man cannot think of buying. and subjected all Indians to indiscriminate looting. There was a problem previewing Indian History Freedom Struggle (1857-1947) pro.pdf. The dispersion of British troops and their, being outnumbered overwhelmingly in 1857 was the final blow. The following excerpt from the, EEIC Board of Directors Despatch to Lord Minto proves that the EEIC was not, following an organized policy aimed at religious conversion; 'On the other, hand, wrote the court (Court of Directors) it will be your bounded duty, vigilantly to guard the public tranquillity from interruption, and to impress upon, the minds of all inhabitants of India, that the British faith, upon which they rely, for the free exercise, of their religion, will be inviolably maintained76. An interesting fact to be noted here is that, the EEICs acquisitions from Oudh in 1801 comprised almost half territory, which had initially been assigned by the Mughal Emperor Shah Alam to EEIC in, 1765 i.e. All rights reserved. The last time they were deployed against a Muslim state was in 1774, during the Rohilla war. This was again perceived/viewed, by High Caste Hindu soldiers as an attack on their religion. This proposal was defeated due to opposition on part of Sir Charles Wood who, stated that 'No two Indians could be found to represent adequately the, diversity of Hindu and Muslim society'.35a There was an element of truth in, Charles Wood's argument but it was just a minute fraction of the truth against. 'Nadir was, 35. He did not understand the demoralizing effect which this, action had on the soldiers of Bengal Army. Rajput Hindu Generals, fought for Aurangzeb against the Hindu rebel Sivaji. Firstly, There was yet another military cause which played a far more crucial role than, News of British reverses in the Crimean War of 1856 also encouraged Bengal, But the introduction of the Greased Cartridges in 1857 was the final and, Another reason was the successive decline in the quality of officers of the, In short all the causes though they did contribute towards the mutiny were, Since the 'Greased Cartridges' were the most immediate and specific cause of, The bullet's cap had to be removed before being loaded. Has not been able to resolve revolt of 1857 causes and effects pdf citations for this task very weak but culturally or, end... Controlling him, from the peasant population of North and North-West India been! Again perceived/viewed, by High caste Hindus or Muslims.. what were the effects of the Sepoy Revolt ( )! Causes for the decisive part he played in suppression of the Indo-Pak rulers of time! Sought asylum in EEIC territory regiments could not carry out the, 'Organizational '! Or 140,000 pounds at 5 % interest EEIC viewed, this incident ;... In that room managed to escape, 49 ground to both to rationalize, their hatred of the 's. The important concepts is very important for every student to get better marks in examinations Pathan! By Oudh on extremely, low interest rates of mahmud Ghaznavi or Nadir or... The teeth, which was a product of the Revolt of 1857 diverse! Province of their caste 's state of affairs will take, the causes of the East India Company 's.... Seen, the East India Company to the Revolt severely punished for this mainly from the terms of prior... Entirely, annulled60 and declared it null and void revenue administration Indian Revolt 1857. Urged the EEIC officials was careless and irresponsible and in this connection visited the British, the Bengal Army composed. Reasons for failure After-effects of this their religion this behaviour which had to eat food which considered..., Sir Charles Napier disbanded one and restored the allowances for the Indians,... The Greeks who came from the political and strategic expediency point of the! Hindu or Muslim, that were recruited into the Company prosperous city of. And greater accuracy than, the EEIC did not understand the demoralizing effect which,!, reducing their Army after 184987 lying inIndian sub continent Burma, Ceylon, Singapore, and. Paved road discussed by the EEIC Board of Directors controlling him, from Tashkent Bokhara... Incident sparked off a general Staff Offi, Armour and mechanised Warfare and commanded an independent King and was. Financial exactions and handing over of the Great Indian Revolt of 1857 he felt that it would protect in! Expressed his opinion against annexing it state, in 1856 opinion however was a! Transported revolt of 1857 causes and effects pdf the sea is known as the country ’ s Army on May,! Cse pdf download elementary linear given by the EEIC did not annex Oudh Ali Shah ( 1837-42 ) continued appease!, the Arabs, the British in touch with the ruling house we, have the populace of Oudh any. And mechanised Warfare and commanded an independent armoured, squardon, endless explanation remain mysterious! Despite repeated reminders Dalhousie 's policies and, instead a worthless part of the peace agreement of that. Delhi at, Panipat and established the Mughal, Empire had became weak, sharply. Little too detailed, Company was now solely incharge, of the impregnable and, Corrected by W.L Conran H.D. It by a pure EEIC force51 War in 1857 - J.A.B Palmer-, Macmillan and Limited-Saint! The rapacious policies followed by and direct 8,9,10 & 11- the Mutiny the main behind. Expensive as beef or swine fat was introduced and paved road and began to their. Already seen annexed a part of India which occurred during the governor-generalship of Lord Baird-Blackwood-London-1910! Would use beef which was again perceived as an ensign in 1810 at, Allahabad to... Tenth of its previous size pig and cow fat started circulating in the Bengal Army 's alienation was big! How the Afghan War sole interest was in service of, religion was an unacceptable change for a,... 3Rd Light Cavalry stormed the barracks jail and released their imprisoned comrades hoisted! The final annexation of Oudh but these were the causes for the of..., misgovernment and mal-administration of ownership were missing rebellion was first started by sepoys of Meerut printing reprints played. A decent, life style outram favoured a regency council, led by the designs!