I devoted my Blog commentary to your contributions. You can lighten acrylic paint with water, but you lose its thickness. Load Next Page. As you know, it is very common for color selection to be slightly off once they get home. Order samples & purchase in-app. Ask for FREE. Get your favorite fixer upper paint colors from Behr at your local Home Depot with these paint color matches! Acrylic and oil paints are different. If your original and new colors are made in the same base (white, medium, or deep) you'll have a better chance of making a color similar to the new color. on Jun 20, 2014. 7) Don't forget to thank your Paint Associate for their effort and time. I have worked with many customers who have the same questions as you. You can easily find, match and save colors while you plan your next painting project. I have been told by the powers that be in Atlanta, that a new computer program is in the works which will generate a transition formula, or state if it is impossible. One final possibility is to bring the paint back by the place you purchaced it and see if they might be able to slightly influence the color (adding color) into something that will work for you. It is very difficult to read the customer's " mind's eye". Thanks for the quick answer -- and I am really happy that I can get the help. Speaking of service I noticed that you pass the 1,000 answer mark recently. Or if you have mixed 2-1, as for a 33% tint. Adjust from a dark color to a lighter color can sometimes be done, but is much less likely an option. Paint color lighten. Good advice. With those caveats in place, most of our experienced Paint Associates will try to adjust already purchased paint to make paint that is at least useful, rather than you lose the cost of one or more gallons. Can sherwin williams lighten a dark color paint? It would be particularly helpful if you could find a paint chip that matches your goal color. Click the link to have a look. Wrong color paint lighten. Reply. It is better to start with the can of lighter paint and add the dark color to it if you want to lighten it a great deal. This post was originally published on January 10, 2018 but has since been updated. Our cans are labeled "Not Returnable" when they are tinted. Getting your painting project done right starts with using Canada’s Best Paint TM, available only at The Home Depot. The Home Depot has cornered the market on customer service and that includes helping adjust colors to make them useful in your home, office, or other gathering spot. It is great to see features like this that The Home Depot is championing on behalf of our customers. You can purchase a color additive for concrete at Home Depot or Lowe's. I was reading your suggestion regarding paint color adjustments and wondered if you had any further suggestions that I could use. Mix lighter paint with a bit of your dark paint to lighten a color before painting, if your dark paint has not yet been applied. How much would it cost. Going from light colors to darker colors can usually be accomplished with the help of your local Paint Associate. Thanks so much for the Approved Solution! Love all the colors in your house! Bring your paint back to The Store, go through the returns desk so they can place a seal on the can indicating you already purchased the paint, then come on back to The Paint Pit and we'll do everything within our capability to adjust your color! First page loaded, no previous page available. By the way, thanks for shopping at The Home Depot! Pin Spot On Paint: Color Matching at The Home Depot on Pinterest ; Email Spot On Paint: Color Matching at The Home Depot to a friend ; categories. Community Experts online right now. Once you understand how to talk about color, picking paint colors for your home can become a fun journey. Thanks. Less than 25%. Relevance. Favorite Answer. The data of the new color compared to the data of the old will immeditely tell if the transition is remotely possible.

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Unfortunately paint is very difficult to lighten up...due to the fact that it only takes a few drops of colorant to influence the paint base to a color. They have already bought a color they don't like, so most often the new color is an improvement. It iway too light I need to make it a much darker yellow?I have so many different colors of unused paint ....What colors and how much of each color do I add to my gallon of paint to make it a deep sunflower yellow?HELP !!!! If you want to lighten the hue or color of a specific watercolor paint, you add more water to it. We are painted the lower half of our wall with the Light French Gray and all we see if BLUE-reminds us of baby blue. If you have just finished painting interior walls and the color has dried to a darker tone than you desired, you can lighten the paint with a faux finish. Hello Wilhkar! This will save you the time, effort and cost of having to strip the paint, re-prime and repaint the walls all over again. Can you help us by answering one of these related questions? "The general rule is, the lighter the color, the bigger and brighter the room will appear," he says. To lighten or tint a color or make it into a pastel, simply add white to it; gray added to the color tones or mutes the color, while black shades or darkens it.